The TLC Manifesto

We at TLC have a vision of how this most noble of professions should operate.  We have summed up our thinking in the following five point manifesto.  These are the principles that we live and work by and actively promote in our schools, with our colleagues and with our wider communities.  Do you think we’ve missed anything?

  1. Our students deserve the best of us.  They deserve staff with the mental and emotional strength and resilience to teach to the very best of their ability.
  2. Our families deserve the best of us.  Our sons, daughters, parents, partners etc deserve our time, our patience and our emotional support.  For this we need to preserve our own capacity to engage with family life outside of school.
  3. Our School Leaders need support like the rest of us.  Leadership is a tough job, especially in times of change and shrinking budgets.  Our leaders deserve the right to say no to new initiatives that, in their professional opinion, will do little to impact on the children in the classroom, but will impact unfairly on the teachers on the front-line. They deserve our support in doing to best job they can for the children and teachers in their schools.  Our ‘support’ might sometimes come in the form of constructive criticism.
  4. Education should be a level playing field.  We do all that we can to improve access to a good education for our disadvantaged students.  We need to match those efforts in ensuring the best teachers and leaders have access to positions of leadership, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.
  5. We should promote pride in our profession.  It is easy to get caught in a spiral of negativity, but this profession has suffered at the hands of irresponsible government and an even less responsible press for too long.  The narrative out there is that teaching is a thank-less and unpleasant job.  We know that is an unfair and unbalanced reflection of our profession, so it falls to us to disrupt that narrative.

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