“I need a #Shero, I’m holding out for a #Shero ’til the end of… erm… term..”

Bonnie Tyler – epic 1980s #shero by anyone’s standards, apart from the obvious fly in ointment with her appeal for a ‘hero ’til the end of the night’.  I don’t know about you, but an undisturbed night’s sleep is a much more attractive prospect, than being disturbed by some bloody hero, bursting in and being all heroic. Especially if he wakes the kids up.

Anyway, I digress.

This post is about my #sheroes, of which I have many.

My #sheroes are the wonderfully candid, supportive, non-pretentious, working women at my school (and elsewhere) who make me LOL on a daily basis.  The kind of women who you walk a bit faster for to catch them on the car park at the start or end of the day.  I can think of too many to name them all personally, but I think two warrant special mention.

@RCStevensYes – anyone who knows Rachael will understand me when I say that she is the Yoda of the teaching and learning world.  Not in a green and wrinkly sense, but in the ‘oozing-wisdom-and-common-sense’ sense.  If there were teaching ‘Jedi Masters’, I’m pretty sure she’d be first choice Obi Wan. On our planning/drinking meetings for #PedagooWorcs and #tlcworcs18 she’s made me laugh, she’s counselled me, coached me, challenged me and encouraged me. She’s listened to my shit ideas and given me lots of good ones. She’s a bloody good egg and I feel privileged to call her a friend.

@SBHSpsychology – Have you ever met someone who consistently leaves you in a better frame of mind than when they found you? Even when you think you’re feeling pretty darn good. Well that’s @SBHSpsychology . I wondered whether or not I should write this as I know she’ll be mortified, but damn it! This needs saying! She’s a bloody good teacher, she’s highly respected by staff and students and is the most modest and humble person you could possibly meet. I believe she may even be more humble than Trump, who, as we know, is the most humble man on earth. She has time for everyone – even when she doesn’t. She listens and she gives the most sage advice. She has talked me down a good few times when I’ve flown off the handle and she’s put me back together during some tough times. I would actually sprint the length of the car park to catch up with her for a chat on the way in or out of work and I’m really not built for speed.

There are so, so many more.

To all the wonderful women who make me LOL until i spray tea out of my nose all over my laptop. I salute you! You are my everyday #sheroes because together we celebrate the ridiculousness of parenting, we poke fun at the ‘very serious business’ of being busy at being busy. We rant and rant about the multitude of annoyances and then collapse into hysterics at the silliness of it all. We love our jobs but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

I don’t know who said this first, but I remember reading a few years ago that ‘teaching and learning is far too important to be taken seriously’ and I do see the sense in that.


I’ll leave you with this absolute delight..

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