About Us

In 2015 a team of pimary and secondary Worcestershire teachers met with the idea of bringing together members of the profession from across the West Midlands region to engage in professional dialogue and to network with like-minded colleagues.  Thus, #PedagooWorcs15 was born.  Our first conference attracted over 80 teachers, many of whom led or participated in a range of workshops, tackling a myriad of teaching and learning ‘hot topics’.  Spurred on by the success of this event, the team went on to host another #PedagooWorcs conference in 2016.

This year, the team is proud to bring you ‘#TLCWorcs18’. 

The aim of this conference is to inspire and empower all teachers and leaders to have courage in their classrooms and confidence in leadership.  This conference is aimed at those who want to improve their classroom practice and/or well-being, aspiring leaders who are looking for inspiration and advice in making the leap, female leaders in education who are looking to network and access coaching and anyone who has sat in a meeting and felt like the imposter in the room (we’ve all been there!).

We value diversity in our schools and our vision is to help create a teaching profession that fully reflects and represents the communities that we serve.  We believe in equal opportunities for all those aspiring to school leadership and will do our bit in levelling the playing field for women, BME groups and the LGBT community.

Thank you

Team #TLCWorcs18