The Hug-ology of #WomenEd

Let me start by stating that I’m not a hugger.  I have never been a hugger.  When hugging, I am usually the one that stands on your foot or inadvertently brushes a body part that really shouldn’t be brushed – at least not in the middle of a packed conference hall.  I have been known […]

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Finding the Balance

This week we welcomed back our cohort of NQTs for day three of their NQT Induction training.  One of the key themes of our training is managing workload and maintaining a healthy balance in life between the demands of work and leisure time.  Read more about our advice for sustaining a healthy balance in this […]

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Why being imperfect is perfectly fine

How do you know the difference between imperfect and rubbish if you beat yourself up for everything that’s not perfect? Because everything in life, in the classroom, in each lesson you teach or each student you support, all of these things are NEVER perfect. But, most of the time, as long as it’s not completely rubbish, it’s actually OK.

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‘No darling, Mummy isn’t Wonder-Woman’

In the run up to Christmas this year, I was perusing the children’s wear department of a well-known high street fashion store, when my 7 year old daughter pointed excitedly at a t-shirt with the words ‘My Mum is Wonder-Woman’ emblazoned in sequins. Now on any other given day of the week (and possible not during the week before Christmas), I might have yelled ‘Hell Yeah!’ and marched to the till, credit card in hand, but on that particular day,  I don’t mind admitting that it really ground my gears.

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