#TLCWorcs18 – 3rd Febraury 2018

10.00am – 10.30am  –   Keynote by Dr Jill Berry 

 Dr Jill Berry taught for 30 years, initially as a secondary English teacher. She has been a head of English, head of sixth form and deputy head and was a head teacher for ten years. Since 2010 she has completed a Professional Doctorate in Education, worked as an associate for the National College for Teaching and Leadership and carried out a range of leadership consultancy work. Her book “Making the Leap: moving from deputy to head” was published in November 2016. Download Jill’s keynote presentation here.

 10.40am – 11.20am  –   Session 1 – ‘Confident Classrooms’

These workshops focus on classroom pedagogy and the systems that help us become more confident in our practice.


  • ‘Teachers as Learners’ – Simon Colley (Cherry Orchard Primary School)

Bombarded with the latest research? No time to read yet another educational tome? Struggling to decide which new initiative to peddle? Here, we discuss how to move our schools and teaching forward without sacrificing ourselves in the process.

  • ‘It’s all about relationships’ – Jenny Wright (South Bromsgrove High Teaching School)

Relationships in the classroom can make or break learning, whatever your role and phase. This workshop will challenge you to consider how you make the weather in your classroom and the impact you have on your students’ learning.

  • ‘MFL tips and tricks that will apply in any subject classroom’ – Matt Syner, Alex Lyon and Martin Goffe (Christopher Whitehead Language College)

This workshop will look at how a busy MFL department tackled the challenges of the reformed curriculum head on and developed a range of strategies from ‘home learning’, to ‘peer assessment’ and ‘whole class feedback’.  This workshop will provide tried and tested transferable strategies that can be applied in any subject classroom.

  • ‘Making Assessment Meaningful’ – Sharon Watt, SLE (Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School)

This workshop will challenge your thinking on assessment.  Are your assessments doing what you need them to do?  Are they meaningful? This workshop will provide food for thought and some useful tips.

  • ‘Cramming all the Knowledge in English and Beyond!’ – Karen Cunningham (Christopher Whitehead Language College)

In this workshop, Karen looks at ways in which her English department have tackled the challenge of increased content in the English curriculum and supported pupils in storing and retrieving the body of knowledge they need to be successful. This workshop is valuable to teachers of all subjects!

11.20am – 12.00pm – Session 2 – ‘Leading with Confidence’

Whatever your role in school or your aspirations for the future, these workshops will offer you support and encouragement in taking the next steps, whether that is moving into leadership or developing your own classroom presence.


  • ‘Courageous Middle Leadership’ – Dr Jill Berry

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in becoming a middle leader in schools, or for those already in post.  Develop your courage to go for it and improve your personal leadership confidence, whatever your current role. Download Jill’s presentation here.

  • ‘Holy Harford! Headship? Hold your Horses!’  AKA ‘The 5Hs of Leadership (not just Headship)’Lee Card, Deputy Head, SLE (Cherry Orchard Primary School)

This workshop will be an homage to the work of many who have gone before me, including John Dunford and Jill Berry, in crystallising five key qualities for any aspiring, or current, leader in education. We (yes, you will be involved) will take the theory into reality by peppering the workshop with our own amusing anecdotes, ridiculous recitals and side-splitting stories…failing that, I have a back-up plan involving funny videos of dogs on surfboards. Hang 5 everyone! 🏄 Download Lee’s presentation here.

  • Making Your Presence Felt: How to create personal impact’ – Susan Ritchie, Leadership Coach.

 This workshop will be covering key elements of developing your presence in order to be seen, heard and recognised for the potential you have to contribute as a leader now and in the future. Changing the way you show up, will change everything. You’ll leave with practical ideas to develop your emerging identity, how to use your voice and physical presence to change the way you show up, and how to engage others and build rapport confidently. The impact you make is everything – make sure it’s the right one. Download Susan’s presentation here.

  • ‘How Coaching can save your sanity and your money’ – Claire Mills, Millhouse Education Solutions.

The power of coaching has well known in the business and sport worlds for an age, but schools and colleges are starting to realise it’s potential to transform professional learning and wellbeing.  Current research shows that heads are leaving the profession Executive coaching can help retain good leaders at all levels.  Find out more about how coaching can improve you and enhance your leadership WHATEVER YOUR LEVEL.

  • ‘U ok hun? Leadership with emotion’ – Andrea Taylor, SLE (South Bromsgrove High School)

Do you have ‘resting bitch face’ or do you ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’?  Do ‘your emotions get in the way’ of doing a good job as a leader?  These, plus other gendered nonsense!  This workshop will look at the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership and the power of bringing your ‘whole-self’ to your role.  We are all ‘leaders’ in our classrooms, so this workshop will benefit anyone who has ever felt, or been told that they are ‘too emotional.’ Download Andrea’s presentation here.

Comfort break

12.15pm – 12:55pm  –  Session 3 – ‘Building confidence and wellbeing’

How do we develop systems to help the well being of those we work with and for ourselves? Are we sometimes our own worst enemies? We will also explore what other schools and colleagues doing to promote well being and good mental health of staff and students in their own settings.

Workshops include:

  • ‘Are your stress levels affecting your students?’ – Amy Jeetley

Join Amy Jeetley in this intriguing workshop where you will..
*explore the dynamics of subtle energies, how stress affects us and how it impacts those around us.
*learn practical techniques of how to re-connect  and “de-stress”
*experience a soothing, guided meditation to bring clarity and focus to raise your vibration so you feel more calm, and those around you will sense this.

  • ‘It’s perfectly okay not to be perfect’ – Rachael Stevens, Assistant Head, SLE (Christopher Whitehead Language College)

This workshop does what it says on the tin.  Are you feeling the pressure to be ‘perfect’ in your roles (teacher, leader, parent, carer)?  This workshop will explore the various different pressures on all of us in a beautifully candid and honest way.  Prepare to have your sanity handed back. Read an account of Rachael’s workshop here.

  • ‘Are you your own worst enemy?’ Emotional Intelligence, Character and Perspective’ – Kimberly Hibbert-Mayne (University of Worcester)

This workshop is a wonderfully reflective journey; how a series of career transitions lead to an interest in emotional intelligence and character. Others may find it reassuring to know that I AM my own worst enemy, but also how I have learnt to put things into perspective.

  • ‘With a Bit of Love’ … Trauma and Attachment:  Understanding Behaviour as a Communicator’ – Nina Stone (Cherry Orchard Primary School)

Attachment theory explains the importance of social interactions and relationships for human beings.  It helps us understand not only the connection between children and parents, but emotional connections throughout our lives. This fascinating workshop looks at the impact of trauma on attachment; an area of growing research and professional learning in education.

  • “Having it all: Maximising the opportunity parental leave offers.”

This workshop will look at how parental leave can be used to complete CPD and progress in your career. It will introduce the work of the Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher project and share case studies. It will allow participants to consider how their life can be balanced, as a working parent. – Claire Nicholls (Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project)

Lunch (provided)

 1.40pm – 2.30pm –  Session 4  –  Teach Meet

 Be brave and share something you have learned either today or in your practice as a classroom teacher or a leader. A chance to network with colleagues and build alliances for the future in supporting one another. 

 2.30pm – 3.00pm – Closing address and thanks.

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